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  • Are Some Liberal Ideas Biblical?
    by Andrea Crum on July 8, 2024

    Why Our Kids Will Be Confused We Are Anti-Progressive Agenda I remember the first time I taught a room full of students. After my session, a teen came up to me asking about a statement I made. The student took issue with me saying that Christians have always been at the forefront of human rights… Read More »

  • The Sextortion Conversation to Have with Your Kids
    by Andrea Crum on June 18, 2024

    The sextortion conversation to have with your kids is an important one. Over the last several months, I’ve read a few news articles about kids who were sextorted. It broke my heart, especially because one teen committed suicide because of it. He’s not the only one. It made me think of my own sons and… Read More »

  • Talking to Your Kids about Pride Month
    by Andrea Crum on June 5, 2024

    The most popular meme to be narrating Pride Month so far says, “Wishing all the homophobes a super uncomfortable month,” covered in rainbow hearts. Multiple friends on Facebook are already posting it. Perhaps you’ve seen it, too. It’s being met with a lot of “YES!” and laughing face emojis. Some by friends who I didn’t… Read More »

  • Is Transgenderism a Mask?
    by Andrea Crum on December 7, 2023

    Is Transgenderism a Mask? The more I learn about transgenderism and hear stories from families, the more I’ve come to realize that oftentimes, when a child identifies as trans, their new “identity” is really more of a mask used to protect, hide, or comfort them. Think of an actor who gets on stage and inhabits… Read More »