Retreat Information

Kingdom Builders: Restoring Culture – 
Dates: September 23rd-25th
Cost: $495 – (Limited Space)

God has designed each of us with a purpose to further His Kingdom. This retreat is a personalized experience for each person to discover what God has purposed for you in this next season. For some, you’ve had a dream in your heart for years. It’s my sincerest belief that dream is not of your own design, but that which God placed as a seed for you to nurture and grow. Others, have no idea where to even start dreaming about what God has in store, but you know He’s called you to something and you’re ready to discover it. Together, we will dig deep to uncover or rediscover what God has for you in this next season to build His Kingdom.

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“The Genuine Women retreat was life and light giving to everyone who attended. Andrea’s teaching was so powerfully packed with God’s wisdom, truth, and love. Even as a long-time reader of God’s word, I couldn’t stop taking notes and filled up so many pages of fresh insight. Andrea was used by God to help us connect and mentor each other, dig deep, and renew our minds.”

~ Jamie Schott

“Andrea leads women with such authenticity. I’ve found that teachers tend to err too heavily on the side of truth without compassion, or compassion without truth. Andrea has found a delicate balance of approaching Biblical teaching with integrity, ensuring that no stone remains unturned no matter the sensitivity, without losing sight of our mandate to love others as ourselves. Her teaching is sound, anointed, engaging, and her heart for others palpable.”

~ Kerri Hupp

“Andrea recently hosted an amazing event that allowed me to witness the spiritual guidance and divine treasures Andrea has been called to impart on women as they walk their own paths all while traversing an increasingly confusing time in our world. She conveys biblical truths in such a loving, authentic way that they speak straight to one’s heart – and you just feel the Lord speaking through her directly to you!”

~ Micki Bowers

“The Genuine Women Retreat was a wonderful experience!! Andrea is a gifted teacher of Biblical truth. I learned SO much and have made significant positive changes in the lives of my family. It was an awesome location with tons of fun activities, good food and great women. I can’t wait for the next retreat!”

~ Jenna Taylor

“During her retreat, Andrea was able to take the most mysterious parts of the Bible for me and turn them into something I could comprehend. She helped me understand how these ancient stories, written thousands of years ago, transcend time and apply to people today. Andrea is so relatable and approachable, and I can’t wait for the next retreat.”

~ Melissa Sassine

“I attended one of Andrea’s retreats and loved it! She is so easy to relate to. Her way of teaching is a true blessing! That weekend inspired me to go and live out my own faith and I am now following a new calling. I also left with many new friendships. Thank you for creating this time for me to unwind, center myself, and deepen my faith in the Lord!”

~ Angie McAfee