Want to have Truth & Love conversations?

Overwhelmed by what’s happening in the culture and know you need to take action for a strong faith foundation for yourself and your family, BUT…

    • Don’t have the time to learn?
    • Can’t find the time to teach your children?
    • And don’t know where to start?

The Truth & Love Course is perfect for you. In just six videos, we systematically walk you through…

1.) What’s happening in our culture from an ideas perspective and explain what people are thinking and why.

2.) Four Biblical truths imperative to know and articulate in our culture today and why they matter to our faith…

    • The Gospel of the Kingdom
    • The Character of God
    • The Historical Accuracy of the Bible
    • The Narrow Way

3.) How to have effective conversations with others – whether it be your kids, family members, or friends.

“This study has truly opened my eyes! I am more aware of the foundational aspects driving our present-day culture. Andrea breaks down worldviews with details we must know. The specific tools she gives to use in daily conversations eliminates the fear and insecurities of not knowing my Bible well enough to answer the hard questions. I now speak confidently by implementing the conversational practices I learned from this study.”

~ Stacey Treadwell

“The Truth & Love Study equipped me to step out of my comfort zone and have intentional faith conversations with people that do not believe like I do. I realized the importance of James 1:19, be slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to get angry when talking to others about their worldview. I highly recommend this study if you want to grow in your ability to communicate the truth of the Gospel to others around you.”

~ Brandy McDonald

“The Truth & Love Course is fantastic. One of the hesitancies people have with engaging in tough conversations or challenging beliefs in our culture is that we don’t feel grounded in what we know. Andrea has a way of presenting these complicated culture topics and the Biblical response in a way that is very understandable and relevant. I believe people will really benefit from what she’s put together. I’m super excited about it!”

~ Alisha Illian

“Andrea has a very timely message for our current culture in how we need both Truth and Love in order to build God’s Kingdom. In our world today where the definition of both have been transformed by society, Andrea dives into both concepts to help you understand the true Biblical definition of both. Using examples from Scripture, her own life, and well-rounded sources, she equips you to speak more boldly and share your faith with more confidence. This course is a resource that every Christian needs in order to be more effective in today’s culture. I highly recommend it!”

~ Audrey Hillhouse

“We often hear the phrase, ‘speak the truth in love,’ but do we truly understand what that means? In this insightful study, Andrea guides us through discerning different worldviews, clearly articulating the Gospel, and well representing the character of God. Learn how to remain true to the accuracy of Scripture, while demonstrating love by our representation of Christ in every conversation. I have no doubt you’ll want to go through the study more than once to anchor the principles it presents.”

~ Elizabeth Mahusay

“Andrea Crum’s Truth and Love series addresses some of the most critical issues on which Christian women (and men too) need to gain clarity and conviction in order to function as salt and light in our culture. She presents important ideas in a friendly, relatable style, along with thought exercises that help viewers consider obstacles that might hinder their effectiveness. The ideas in this series are challenging enough to be of interest to long-time believers, but would also be beneficial to young Christians or even seekers. This is a terrific resource for Bible studies, fellowship groups, Sunday school classes – any group where there is a hunger to offer the truth and love of Jesus to a confused and wounded world.”

~ Sharon Correll